Digital Wrap Conference Agenda

All activities are held at Wild Dunes Resort.

Sunday, November 5
6 – 10 pmWelcome reception and dinner
Monday, November 6
8 – 9 amBreakfast
9 – 9:30Welcome: I Have a Story For You
Every contact you have with customers adds to the story about why you are important to them. Billy Marshall will explain how the stories you tell in your digital wrap will help grow your business.
9:30 – 10:30 Keynote: Build your Service Brand Through Stories
As humans, we are programmed to learn and grow through stories. Your customers will learn more from you when you show them the story of the good work that you deliver. When they appreciate your work and become emotionally invested in the outcomes, your brand builds a connection that justifies a premium price. Jonathan Gottschall will explain the science of story telling as a brand-building medium so that you can apply the science to your digital wrap strategy.

Learn more about Jonathan  >>

10:30 – 11Break with Exhibitors
11 – 11:45Strengthen Your Service Empire with MIPS
What’s your MIPS number? If you were at the conference last year, you learned from Shawn Mims about the many opportunities to engage customers during the service cycle and the value it creates. Domino’s built a pizza empire on MIPS. Can you build a service empire?
11:45 – 12Bearded Briefing
Technology demonstration by a bearded genius.
12 – 1 pmLunch
1 – 1:30Meet the Exhibiting Sponsors
1:30 – 2:15Money For Nothing
The only thing a customer really wants is nothing, and they are willing to pay a premium price to get it. Nothing means no drama, no disruptions, no disasters. Exceptional service brands earn more pay for less work because they invest in programs that minimize unplanned repairs and the related disruptions to the customer’s business. Discover how to sell a program that smoothes customer demand, simplifies collections, and enables predictable growth while simultaneously commanding a premium price. Presented by Billy Marshall.
2:15 – 2:45Sales Management in the Digital Wrap
Checking the scoreboard at the end of the game is not a strategy for coaching a winning game. Successful selling is about preparing to play the game as well as in-game coaching. Safeguard your business by measuring key metrics throughout the sales process. Anna McMahon will guide you through building and monitoring scalable sales programs that grow with your business.
2:45 – 3Bearded Briefing
Technology demonstration by a bearded genius.
3 – 3:30Break with Exhibitors
3:30 – 4Service Contracts – Setting the Legal Foundation for a Premium Service Program
When you sell a premium program to your customer that pays you fees independent of the site visits, you need the right contracts in place to recognize revenue according to the program rules. Guest speaker Michael Revness reveals how the right contracts will help you to build value in your business that is not simply a markup on the labor you spend serving the customer. This value becomes the foundation for growth, and it helps you get paid a premium when you decide the timing is right to exit the business.

Learn more about Michael  >>

4 – 4:30Create an Apprentice Program That Helps You Grow
It can be very difficult to hire quality trades people to deliver the service in the manner that keeps your top customers happy. Learn how to create an apprentice program that helps with hiring, training, and developing talent to support your endless growth cycle.
4:30 – 5Digital Wrap Success Stories
Ask questions of a panel of service contracting companies that have made exceptional strides in their growth, profitability, customer service, and operational efficiency. Hear from business owners who have implemented a Digital Wrap about what they have accomplished and how they did it.
6 – Dinner
We’ll eat and drink by the beach if the weather is nice.
Tuesday, November 7
7:30 – 8:30 amBreakfast
8:30 – 9Women Leaders in Services
Women are taking more leadership and front offices roles in service businesses – look around the room you are in. Hear from four experienced, driven women about what they bring to leadership roles in service companies and how to foster and mentor bright individuals in your company.
9 – 9:30Quicksight Reporting and Analysis
Real-time reporting and analysis on your ServiceTrade data will help you make the best decisions for today and planning the future.
9:30 – 10ServiceTrade Roadmap
ServiceTrade Chief Technology Officer Brian Smithwick outlines future evolution of the ServiceTrade application.
10 – 10:30Break with Exhibitors
10:30 – 11Intelligent Integrations
Sharing customer service data with the applications your company uses streamlines your operations and provides new ways for you to engage with customers and keep them happy. Take a look at interesting integrations that go beyond accounting.
11 – 11:30You’re Kind of a Big Deal
You know why you are different and better than your competition, but do your prospects and customers get it? Learn about the technology, tools, and tactics that will get their attention and show them how valuable you are.
11:30 – 12Earn More than a 5-Star Review
Successful marketing requires a good, mobile-friendly website and constantly filling it with new content that is valuable to customers and prospects. Learn how service companies are using customer reviews for lead generation and brand building and getting more value from their websites every day.
12 – 1 pmLunch
1 – 2:30Fire Protection and Life Safety Forum
Fire protection companies face a unique set of challenges and opportunities. This 90-minute forum will be an open conversation to tackle challenges in sales, customer service, and growth in fire companies of all sizes.
1 – 2:30Mechanical and HVAC/R Forum
Mechanical and commercial/industrial HVAC and refrigeration companies deal with big seasonal shifts that snowball throughout the business. This 90-minute forum will put similarly-minded professionals together to talk about programs that stabilize sales, improve customer service and help the company grow.
2:30 – 3Break with Exhibitors
3 – 3:15Bearded Briefing
Technology demonstration by a bearded genius.
3:15 – 3:45A Better Way to Teach and Train
How much are you actually teaching employees in your training programs? Let’s talk about employees should learn about their role in being valuable to customers and growing your business. Discover how online learning can be the best teaching method.
3:45 – 4Conclusion
6 – 11Bus to Charleston
We’ll arrange transportation to downtown Charleston for you to enjoy the city and its many fine restaurants and bars on your own or with a group you assemble. Have fun!

Before the conference, read the Digital Wrap book.