Attend the Digital Wrap Conference

Created for commercial service contracting companies who want to get ahead by giving their customers better outcomes and an amazing customer experience.


Connect with owners of service companies.
One consistent message from past events is that you’d like to spend more time with your peers. So we’re setting aside the second day of the conference to give our attendees a forum to do just that.


Learn and be inspired.
We’ll teach you how to increase the value of your business with a Digital Wrap. Companies that already have a Digital Wrap will tell you how they’ve done it, and what they’ve accomplished. It’s a good idea to read the Digital Wrap book before the conference.


Share your own experiences, challenges and successes.
Every attendee of the Digital Wrap Conference comes with their own perspective on how to run a successful business. By sharing those with other attendees, we think you’ll see your ideas grow, and new opportunities come to light.


Get out of the office to think about how to improve your business.
What’s keeping you up at night? Issues that arise from poor customer service? Not being able to hire competent technicians? Losing business to someone that you know does shoddy work? We hear you – we’ve been hearing you – and these and other problems are why the Digital Wrap was created.


Meet new vendors and suppliers who understand service businesses and the Digital Wrap.
Sponsors of the Digital Wrap Conference were specifically chosen because they get it. From helping you build the right tools, build the right programs, and use the right technology – and maybe even save some money – the sponsoring exhibitors are people you’ll want to know.


Learn how to get the most from the ServiceTrade app.
For ServiceTrade users, the Genius Bar is staffed by experts who will answer questions about the application, show you tips and tricks you might not know, and turn you into power users.


Have a good time with good people in a good place.
One thing the past few years have taught us is there’s no group more interesting and fun than owners of service companies. The conference agenda includes plenty of opportunity for you to enjoy good food, good drinks, and good company.

Our Promises to You

  • We’ll work hard to provide you with excellent content.
  • We won’t waste your time.
  • We will make corny jokes. A few might even be funny.
  • We’ll make sure you have plenty of coffee and snacks.
  • We’ll make sure you have plenty of time to spend with your peers – the ones you know and the ones you want to know better.
  • You’ll leave Isle of Palms with new ideas to try when you get home.

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