Amplify Your Advantage at DWC

Wondering how to stay ahead of the curve and boost your profits in a changing market? As a savvy contractor, you know how important it is to stay ahead of the competition by amplifying every advantage. But sometimes it’s tough to know where to start when it feels like changes are happening so fast.

That’s where this year’s Digital Wrap Conference comes in – it’s your opportunity to learn proven strategies straight from experts that will help you optimize your unique strengths.

When you join us this April in Austin, you’ll discover innovative tools and insights into how your peers are running more efficient operations, finding new customers, and protecting their profits. Most of all, you’ll leave feeling empowered with a concrete plan for success in the months and years ahead.

Don’t miss out – register today to amplify your advantage!

Conference Agenda

Monday, April 29

1 pm
Kickoff and Welcome

1 – 5 pm
Keynote presentations

6 – 9 pm
Welcome party and dinner

Tuesday, April 30

8 – 9 am
Breakfast is provided

9 am – 12 pm
Breakout Sessions

12 – 1 pm
Lunch Break

1 – 5 pm
Breakout Sessions

6 – 9 pm
Dinner at Lost Pines

Wednesday, May 1

8 – 9 am
Breakfast is provided

8 am – 12 pm
Contractor Success Showcase: Presentations, Roundtables, and Birds of a Feather Networking

12 pm
Conference Concludes

Program Summary

General Session

Monday, April 29

Keynote Presenters

ServiceTrade CEO and Co-Founder Billy Marshall
ServiceTrade CTO and Co-Founder Brian Smithwick
ServiceTrade VP Marketing Shawn Mims
ServiceTrade VP Artificial Intelligence James Jordan

If you’ve been to DWC before, you’ll notice that there are fewer keynotes to allow for more breakout sessions and classroom learning.

ServiceTrade’s keynote speakers are historically attendees’ highest-rated presentations and your favorites will be on stage at DWC24. Billy Marshall, Brian Smithwick, Shawn Mims, and James Jordan will provide insights and real-world examples to help you:

  • Identify and mitigate risks holding you back through strategic use of all of your resources.
  • Measure your results and understand what’s truly working to amplify your key business performance metrics.
  • Determine the right AI solutions that make work easier for everyone in the business, without overwhelming them.
  • Get excited for innovative tools ServiceTrade will be introducing in the months ahead that further amplify the benefits of the data, expertise, and technology in your business.

Their combined 50+ years of creating software for commercial services business makes them the most qualified keynote speakers for an audience of commercial service professionals. What’s more, they’re all energetic, smart, interesting, and fun.

4 Tracks of Breakout Sessions

Tuesday, April 30

Each track will be segmented into four or five classes, with several topics covered in each class. We want you to settle into the track for content curated for your role and responsibilities, and to spend time with your similarly-focused peers.

Any attendee can attend any session they’re interested in, don’t intended audiences limit your curiosity!

Each class will consist of:

  • A high-level conversation about the topic and how it plays a role in business success,
  • Hands-on work in ServiceTrade to see how the application and your data can help you achieve the goals being discussed, and
  • Sharing questions, ideas, and successes with other attendees.

Every breakout class will give you specific ideas for how to improve and change as soon as you get home.

4 Breakout Tracks for Tuesday, April 30

Owner and Business Leader Track

Business owners and executive leaders will learn strategies and best practices for solving problems, increasing profits, scaling operations, and managing growth sustainably. Some of the specific topics that will be addressed in the classes in this track include:

  • Using data to define your ideal customer,
  • New measures of productivity and success,
  • Taking advantage of technology innovations, like AI, to improve productivity
  • Integrating front office and back office functions, and
  • Where to optimize when you can’t hire.

Best of all, you’ll hear what’s working for other leaders in the room.

Service Manager Track

This track will teach service managers practical ways to use centralized data and technology to better oversee their service operations. Attendees will learn techniques for

  • measuring technician productivity,
  • prioritizing work,
  • measuring service-specific metrics,
  • planning for asset, labor, and project needs, and
  • proactively communicating with customers to reduce their calls to you.

At DWC, service managers will get advice for new ways to manage the tension of serving both business owners and the field team. You’ll enjoy a day spent with others who manage those same challenges.

Front Office and Administrator Track

This track is designed to help front office staff and ServiceTrade administrators streamline their operations, make better decisions, and provide more consistent service to customers. Attendees will learn strategies for:

  • Effectively scheduling technicians through the new ServiceTrade dispatch and scheduler interfaces to
    • maximize technician time;
    • remove manual analysis with AI-powered innovations,
    • prioritize the right work
  • Communicating with clients throughout the service process,
  • Personalizing the new ServiceTrade dashboard to monitor operational KPIs and helping other users in the company customize their dashboards,
  • Developing and documenting standard operating procedures, and being the champion and manager of change to improve service operations.

And we’ll go through some things you can do with ServiceTrade that you might not know about that will amp up your productivity.

Sales Track

This daylong track is designed to help sales managers and account executives at commercial service businesses increase their sales of service agreements and repairs. The classes will provide practical strategies for

  • winning more ideal customer profile customers,
  • expanding the lifetime value of each client,
  • improving quote approval of high-margin pull-through work,
  • effectively communicating the value of your offerings,
  • and boosting your overall win rate with the help of the data and technology available to you.

Come to DWC to discover new ways to strengthen your sales program that helps the company achieve its big-picture goals beyond this quarter’s quota.

Contractor Success Showcase

Wednesday, May 1

Members of the audience take the stage individually and in groups to share exciting successes and innovations that will inspire you. You’ll also have time for further networking to build connections that will last after you leave DWC.

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